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Caroline Cellars


Caroline Cellars is one of the newest additions to the Niagara Winescape. We take pride in four generations of grape growing tradition in order to produce wines for all to enjoy. Our highest priority is customer satisfaction: this is why we produce quality wines, which boast the approval of VQA standards, without sacrificing affordability. Our wines are priced to please.

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  • 2006 Momentum White (VQA) $10.00 750 ml (0)
    This is a refreshingly dry blend of Vidal, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc. Aromas of peach and honeydew are complimented by lively citrus on the palate, and balanced by crisp herbal notes. This wine is a lovely compliment to cheese and spinach stuffed chicken or pork, but also works well with salads or grilled or sautéed green veggies.
  • 2007 Gewurztraminer (VQA) $14.20 750 ml (0)
    Blue Ribbon – 2nd Place – Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Wine Competition 2008 “The fruit comes from 3-year-old vines, so it’s very young, and it shows that vibrancy is the bottle. Lots of soft floral, lychee and wildflowers on the nose – the taste brings up the floral to a rosy level with a cracked white pepper like spicy finish, but not over-powering – it’s light and easy on the finish. Perfect as a summer afternoon sipper” (Michael Pinkus,
  • 2007 Vidal (VQA) $9.15 750ml (1)
    Light and refreshing with an aromatic nose loaded with tangerine, honey and soft floral notes. Lively tangerine and soft peachy notes appear on the palate, with a fresh finish. A great wine for sipping, and also to have with light pasta or seafood dishes..
  • 2007 Riesling (VQA) $11.00 750 ml // $16.00 1.5L (1)
    On the nose, this wine is tropical with soft mandarin orange and pineapple notes. On the palate this wine is zesty and citrusy, with great lime, soft-yet-spicy ginger and balancing mineral notes on the finish. Super refreshing, this is the ultimate summer sipper! Serve this wine with soft fresh cheeses, especially chevre, or with citrus and herb seasoned fish or poultry..
  • 2006 Enchantment (VQA) $12.00 750 ml // $17.00 1.5L (2) Gold Medal Winner – Ontario Wine Awards 2009
    The newest addition to our Momentum series, this is an charming blend of Riesling and Gewurztraminer. It has lovely tropical notes from both varieties, showing strong floral and lychee from the Gewurz, and balancing acidity and freshness from the Riesling. With great acidity and a touch of sweetness, this is a versatile wine: great for drinking on its own, but will also stand up to a spicy curry..
  • Rosé $11.00 750 ml (2)
    This wine is a blend of wines from 2006 and 2007, but the exact blend is a winemaker’s secret.  Strawberry and apricot jam on the nose give way to a palate bursting with sweet fruity notes. A great wine with turkey or pork dishes..
  • Chardonnay (Medium Dry) $12.20 750 ml (3)
    A sweet blend of Chardonnay and late harvest Vidal and Riesling, this wine has a great balance of both sweet and dry components with lots of juicy fruit flavours: orchard fruit and citrus..


  • 2006 Zweigelt (VQA) $11.00 $9.00 SALE 750 ml (0)
    Fresh and fruity, this wine is a perfect compliment for summer and fall entertaining. It has lovely freshness on the nose and palate, which is highlighted by red plum and raspberry notes with a hint of black pepper. Very light and supple, this is a great red wine to drink on its own, or with light meats such as turkey or fish. This is also a great red for the patio!
  • 2007 Syrah – Momentum Series (VQA) $15.00 750 ml (0)
    A great easy drinking red which is perfect for summer and sipping on the patio. On the nose there is lots of cherry and slight peppery and smoky notes. Juicy on the palate with soft tannins with lots of cherry notes and a bit of black pepper. A great match to pork tenderloin or duck breast.
  • 2006 Chambourcin (VQA) $10.00 750 ml (0)
    This is the one and only time we have produced this wine, as the grapes came from a friend of the family. It is very unlike any other red we’ve made. On the nose, it’s punchy – very curiously like fruit punch, actually, and is almost tropical in character. On the palate this wine is medium bodied and dry, with soft tannin structure, and has the same fruit punch characteristics as the nose. Very fun and out of the ordinary!
  • 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon (VQA) $12.00 750 ml (0)
    A wonderfully approachable red wine, with loads of fruit on the nose and palate, including soft cranberry and pomegranate notes. This wine has light tannin and is very food-friendly, which makes it a fantastic every day wine.
  • 2006 Cabernet Franc (VQA) $14.20 750ml (0) Bronze Medal Winner – All Canadian Wine Championships 2009
    Definitely more subtle than other Cabernet Francs, this wine has a sweet nose of plum, black peppercorn and a hint of red bell pepper.  On the palate this wine has up front berry, cherry and plum notes, supported by the defined spiciness of black pepper, an interesting cola note, and supple tannin.  The lingering finish of this wine reveals appealing notes of buttery toast.
  • 2004 Merlot (VQA) $12.00 750 ml // $17.00 1.5 L (0)
    Do you think aging wine is too much work? We’ve done all the work for you with this Merlot, which is aged to perfection. Soft dusty tannins and supple, mellow berry notes, with light oak and spice, this Merlot is just about perfect. Try it for yourself and see what a few years of aging can do!
  • 2006 French Revolution (VQA) $10.00 750 ml (0) Silver Medal Winner – All Canadian Wine Championships 2008
    A “revolutionary” blend of four French Hybrid grape varieties: Baco Noir, Vidal, Chambourcin and Marechal Foch. This wine is easy to drink, and will definitely appeal to wine drinkers who like fruit forward reds. The Vidal adds a lovely aromatic component to this wine. A definite hit amongst our staff, friends and family! A great value wine that is excellent for entertaining!
  • 2006 Meritage (VQA) $14.20 750ml (0)
    Our newest vintage of Meritage is more Merlot-forward than past vintages, with cherry and spice notes, balanced by the peppery Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon giving it some solid structure and aging potential. There are lots of spicy subtleties on the palate and finish of this wine, including clove and star anise. The flavours of this wine will develop with age, although it’s completely drinkable now.
  • 2007 Baco Noir (VQA) $10.20 750ml // $15 1.5 L (0) NEW RELEASE
    The appearance of this wine catches your eye with it’s inky hue and bright red undertones. On the nose, this wine is sweet and fruity with a hint of licorice all sorts candy. On the palate, this wine has soft tannin and a good core of acidity filled with blackberry and raspberry homemade jam. Subtle notes of coffee and licorice shine through making this wine complete. A perfect wine for drinking now or age for more complexity.
  • 2005 Merlot (VQA) $15.00 750 ml (0)
    Bronze Medal Winner – 2008 Toronto Wine and Cheese Show
    Bronze Medal Winner – 2008 All Canadian Wine Championships
    A lovely wine that is very exemplary of its vintage year, this Merlot shows a great brick-red colour, and on the nose it has charming black cherry jam notes with light spice and cocoa undertones. Lush and smooth on the palate, with big, soft tannin, the jammy fruit notes shine through, as well as strong cocoa notes on the finish. Pair with bacon wrapped filet mignon, or any red meat with great grill marks.
  • 2006 Pinot-Cherry $12.70 750ml (2)
    Our fun blend of Pinot Noir and Cherry wine. Very fruit forward, and slightly sweet, this wine makes a great aperitif, but pairs well with dark chocolate, or with popcorn and a movie! This wine is great served slightly chilled on the patio, or in the hot tub on a summer or cool fall night! Also great to use in Sangria!

Fruit Wines & Dessert Wine

  • 2007 Blackberry Wine $16.00 500 ml (4)
    Our newest vintage of blackberry is just as lovely as the last, loaded with juicy blackberry notes and supple tannin (yes, fruit wines have tannin too!). Pair it with spicy sausage or crispy skinned duck breast!
  • 2007 Late Harvest Vidal Momentum Series $18.00 500 ml (6)
    Double Gold Medal (Best in Category) – All Canadian Wine Championships 2009
    This is the first time we’ve produced a Late Harvest Vidal, and the result is a nice alternative to Icewine. On the nose it is similar to it’s Icewine counterpart with lots of fruit cocktail notes including pear and mandarin oranges. On the palate this wine is lovely and refreshing light citrus notes including lots of pink grapefruit, balanced by slight honeydew notes. Pair with fresh cheeses and fruits.
  • 2006 Cranberry Winter Harvest $22.00 500 ml (8) Bronze Medal Winner – 2008 Toronto Wine and Cheese Show
    A Caroline Cellars specialty! A blend of late harvest Vidal and cranberries, this wine is perfectly sweet, yet tart with cranberry and Vidal characteristics. Great with fresh fruit pies, or mix with vodka to make a festive martini!
  • 2006 Vidal Icewine (VQA) $30.00 375 ml (20)
    Double Gold Medal (Best in Category) – All Canadian Wine Championships 2009
    Silver Medal Winner – Wine Access Canadian Wine Awards 2008
    Rated # 6 of the Top Ten Dessert Wines in Canada (Wine Access Dec 2008/Jan 2009)
    Blue Ribbon – 2nd Place – Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Wine Competition 2008
    Fruit cocktail, anyone?   The nose of this wine is loaded with fruit cocktail notes - peach, pear, pineapple.  The palate mirrors the nose almost exactly, with a lovely bit of acidity for balance.
  • 2004 Riesling Icewine (VQA) $42.10 $35.00 SALE 375 ml (24)
    Bronze Medal Winner – 2006 & 2007 Toronto Wine and Cheese Show
    Lush and rich on both the nose and palate dominated by honey, apricot, and slight citrus notes, with strong butterscotch undertones. Great with citrus desserts, crepes, or with crème brulee.

Red Icewines

  • 2006 Cabernet Franc Icewine (VQA) $36.00 200 ml (18) Gold Medal Winner – 2008 Toronto Wine and Cheese Show
    This wine has aromas of red apple, cinnamon and rhubarb pie! On the palate, this wine is sweet, and tastes almost like a candy apple, but has slight strawberry-rhubarb notes, and a pronounced spiciness on the finish. This wine is very versatile, but is a lovely match to baked apple desserts, homemade custards or puddings, or with white chocolate desserts.
  • 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine (VQA) $40.00 200 ml (28)
    Silver Medal Winner – 2008 Toronto Wine and Cheese Show
    Silver Medal Winner – 2008 All Canadian Wine Championships
    Exceptionally sweet on both the nose and the palate! With aromas of strawberry jam, blueberry jam and vanilla cake, the flavour of this wine is a very complex mix of field berries, including strawberry, raspberry and blueberry, with vanilla bean on the finish. This wine will compliment chocolate desserts perfectly – molten chocolate cake or a chocolate-raspberry tart.


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Also Available at the LCBO


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